I'm a Brazilian graphic and web designer based in Rio de Janeiro that creates all things printed, from posters, identity systems, web pages and myself. I love bringing ideas to the table. I'm inspired by games and music.

I've worked on incredible projects and with amazing people. In 2012, my work was featured at Computer Arts' web site. If you like my work or want to hire me as a freelancer, drop me a line.

+55 (21) 9999 13130

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<span>Self-portrait</span><p>Pixel Art
<span>Super Mario Bros</span><p><p> Art intervention at PUC-Rio</p>@GAME INVADERS
<span>Paint & Pintura </span><p>Poster @PETROBRAS
<span>GIRLFRIEND</span><p>I did this heart for her
<span>educação continuada</span><p>Logo
<span>Capes WebTV</span><p>Website
<span>Capes WebTV</span><p>Application
<span>Mary Olivetti</span><p> Banner / picture by Luiz Leite
<span>Business Card</span><p>9 x 5 cm
<span> IDience's Folder</span><p> @IDIENCE & @Tangerina
<span>Beware the Invasion </span><p>Poster @GAME INVADERS
<span>GAME INVADERS</span><p>Logo
<span>Bunje Skimboards</span><p>Logo
<span>Bunje Skimboards</span><p>Website
<span>tpm achados</span><p>Logo
<span>tpm achados</span><p>Blog
<span>SE LIGA!</span><p>Logo
<span>Herbert Bayer</span><p>Poster
<span>GAME OVER</span><p>Wallpaper